My Grammy Experience

My Experience at the Grammy’s (2010)

After I made my trip to the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in Downtown Los Angeles this year, I received a lot of questions. “How is it that you were able to attend?, “Why did you go to the Grammy’s?”, “Who did you meet?” and “What was it like?” were the ones most commonly asked.

I joined the National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) last April while attending the ASCAP Expo Conference. The number of recorded songs and compositions that I had available for purchase on i tunes qualified me for membership into the Academy. As a member of NARAS, I received an invitation to attend the awards show, which included the televised awards show and also a pre-telecast show, and the after party. It has been a life-long dream of mine to win a Grammy award, so I jumped at the opportunity to see the production first-hand. The journey was exciting, as you can imagine. When people heard that I was going to the Grammy’s, everyone wanted to help including the sales people when I went pick out accessories for my dress to the American Airlines security agents at JFK. When I got off the plane at LA, seven of the eight people in my shuttle were on their way to the prestigious awards show.

The event began on Sunday, January 31st, with the pre-telecast show, which was held at the Convention Center. As soon as I came in the door, I saw a friend of mine, Dave Kinnoin, who co-wrote some of the songs on Jonathan Sprout’s “American Heroes #3”, which had been nominated for a Grammy award in the Children’s category. I grabbed some veggies from the light buffet before taking my seat.

In many ways, the pre-telecast award show was the most exciting part of the Grammy’s because I was in such close proximity to all the stars, some of whom I knew personally. However, being a part of the action at Staples Center for the portion of the show that was shown on television was also a thrill. Being so high up, it was difficult to see all of the action on the five stages below. We did, however, get a panoramic view of Pink’s acrobatic journey.

After the show, we headed back to the Convention Center, which had been transformed, literally, into a three- ring circus. Circus performers were set up at three stages in the room. The acts alternated between spatial acrobatics, fire juggling, and unicycle and roller-skating stints. Several long tables arranged in formations of squares were set up along the edges of the room, filled with various selections of elegant cuisine. It was on line at one of these tables where I met Imogen Heap, the British singer-songwriter who won an award for best (nonclassical) engineer earlier in the evening. Very chicly dressed in an outfit she created herself, she was also very gracious. Although a little dazzled and overwhelmed, I enjoyed the evening filled with entertainment, food and socializing. In addition to the circus acts, Jamie Fox, Neyo and other well-known singers were on stage performing for the guests. An exhibit from the Grammy Museum, including items from Michael Jackson and Ringo Starr’s wardrobes, had also been set up in the back of the room for the guests’ amusement. Altogether, it was quite the party and one unforgettable night. I left the ballroom, a la Cinderella style, before the stroke of midnight-with both of my shoes still on my feet.

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