Margaret Craske- Inspirational Person

Inspirational Person- Miss Margaret Craske (Nov. 26th, 1892 – Feb. 18th, 1990)

Margaret Bernstein’s Godmother and namesake, Margaret Craske, was an acclaimed ballet teacher who introduced Margaret Bernstein’s parents to one another. Both of Margaret Bernstein’s parents had been ballet students of Margaret Craske. Margaret Bernstein’s mother, Bunty Kelley studied with her as a girl growing up in London, and Margaret Bernstein’s father, Harry Bernstein, had been a student of Miss Craske at the Juilliard School in New York City. Margaret Craske also became a permanent fixture at the Metropolitan Opera House, where she taught ballet until she almost got run over by a New York City taxicab at the age of ninety-four. She spent the last years of her life residing at the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach at South Carolina where she entertained guests with her stories marked of her dry wit.

Margaret Craske was definitely one of the most influential people in Margaret Bernstein’s life. Through her weekly contact, she not only gave an appreciation of the spiritual world, but also taught what it meant to aspire to excellence in all things. She was not only one of the world’s most excellent teachers, but a strong dynamic woman with a sense of humor, a tenacious code of moral and work ethic, and a fiery personality.

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