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Inspirational Person: Catherine Furey (Margaret’s adopted Nana)

Catherine Furey, Margaret’s adopted Nana. Since Margaret was an infant, Catherine Furey was known to her as “Nana”, which was also how she was  known to over a half dozen of biological grandchildren. Catherine, who became a long-time family friend and adopted relative, had been a main caretaker for Margaret while her parents taught ballet at Adelphi University. She played an integral part in Margaret’s physical development and spiritual development and was there was momentous occasions from the birth and death of Margaret’s brother to Margaret’s high school graduation. A born Irish woman and devout Catholic until the end, Catherine was instrumental in introducing Margaret to prayer at an early age. She use to love to hear the Irish tunes and especially “Danny Boy” which Margaret gratefully had the opportunity to play for her on her flute two days before her passing at the age of 110. Catherine made history upon her passing in November 2003 when her picture was on the cover of Newsday for being the oldest person living on Long Island. Catherine was truly inspirational to everyone whom had the privilege of knowing her.

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