Margaret’s Inspirational Places – blog

By pwsadmin | April 17, 2020 |

A few of Margaret’s Inspirational Places Meher Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The Meher Spiritual Center, located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Margaret recently visited and performed at the Center, which is especially beautiful in the springtime. Founded in the 1940’s at Meher Baba’s request, Meher Spiritual Center is a retreat for “rest, meditation,…

Margaret Craske- Inspirational Person

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Inspirational Person- Miss Margaret Craske (Nov. 26th, 1892 – Feb. 18th, 1990) Margaret Bernstein’s Godmother and namesake, Margaret Craske, was an acclaimed ballet teacher who introduced Margaret Bernstein’s parents to one another. Both of Margaret Bernstein’s parents had been ballet students of Margaret Craske. Margaret Bernstein’s mother, Bunty Kelley studied with her as a girl…

Inspirational Place – Brooklyn blog

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Inspirational Place: Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn was an independent incorporated city until January 1, 1898, when Brooklyn became consolidated with the other cities, boroughs and counties to form the modern City of New York. It continues, however, to maintain a distinct culture where particular ethnic and nationality groups and cultures predominate. Brooklyn is the scene…

Inspirational Person- Bunty Kelley Bernstein – blog

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Inspirational Person- Bunty Kelly Bernstein (Margaret’s Mother) Bunty dancing in Sleeping Beauty with the Royal Ballet in London during the 1930’s Bunty Kelley Bernstein (Nee’ Helen Margaret Douglas Kelley) was born on April 11, 1925 in London, England to Scottish parents- Nell Dunlop Kelley and John Douglas Kelley, an editor for Shell-Mex BP oil magazine.…

Inspirational Person- Aunt Bengie

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Inspirational Person: Katherina Forbes Dunlop Katherina Forbes Dunlop is Margaret’s beloved Great Aunt. Born July 14th, 1892 in Sussex County England, Katherina was the oldest of three girls. She had a long and inspired career both as a writer and as an educator. Katherina’s inspiration for writing poetry and short stories not only came from…

Inspirational Person – Nana blog

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Inspirational Person: Catherine Furey (Margaret’s adopted Nana) Catherine Furey, Margaret’s adopted Nana. Since Margaret was an infant, Catherine Furey was known to her as “Nana”, which was also how she was  known to over a half dozen of biological grandchildren. Catherine, who became a long-time family friend and adopted relative, had been a main caretaker…

Harry Bernstein – blog

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Inspirational Person- Harry Bernstein (Margaret’s Father) Born on October 4, 1917 in Chicago, the son of a Rabbi and the youngest of six children, Harry began his artistic pursuits with trombone lessons while still in grade school. As a teenager, a free ticket to a ballet performance changed his life forever. He began dance lessons,…