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A Visit to Prince Edward Island

We woke up in time to eat our delectable breakfast of gluten free buttermilk pancakes and fruit salad in the spacious dining room. Soon afterwards, we moved out of the “yellow room” and into the rose room where we would be staying for the remainder of the week. First, we had errands to run. Julian and I drove over to the closest town, Morel, where I scheduled massage appointments for later in the afternoon. Then we drove to Montague to find some things, which Julian needed for his stay. We also stopped in the bike shop at St. Peter’s Bay to rent bicycles for the week as the Inn was located directly across from the famous Confederation bike trail. After a much needed nap, we drove back to Morel for our respective massages. I became acquainted with a cat maned Tiger while waiting during Julian’s massage.

View from the Tirnanog Inn.

We ate dinner at the beautiful and elegant Inn at St. Peter’s Bay, which was across the bay from our Inn. Our server was pleasant and the view from the dining room looked out on to the well groomed gardens in back of the Inn. The food, which I ate consisting of fresh halibut, creamed parsnips and gluten free cheese cake for dessert, were all delicious. Afterwards, Julian and I walked among the lilies and other flowers outside and took a look at the gazebo. After dinner, we took a beautiful bike ride along the Confederation Trail, which bordered the Bay, as the sun was setting.

Outdoor eating is popular in Charlottetown

I woke up early enough so that I could take a good length bicycle ride along the big path in the direction of Morel before breakfast. I covered a good bit of territory in an hour and was able to catch the beautiful sun rays rising over Saint Peter’s Bay. Our Spanish Omelettes gave us enough energy to go Kayaking in the Morel River after breakfast. We paddled for about an hour and a half, first in the direction away from the bay and then under the bridge towards it. It was very interesting to be in the water right by the path on which I had been bicycling earlier that morning as it have me a different perspective of the land.

We had arrangements to meet an old friend, Tom Rath, for lunch at Rick’s Fish and Chips after our kayak ride. We rode our bicycles from the Inn to the restaurant and enjoyed our last meal on the Island.

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