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A Day in Tahiti

Sometimes life can be tough. Other times, we are given the given the opportunity to experience Paradise for the day. That is what happened to me and Julian when we spent the day in Tahiti.

As soon as we stepped off the plane, I could tell that Tahiti was a special place. We could see the mountains of the island of Mo’orea in the distance as we walked into the very small airport. A trio of native Tahitian musicians played traditional music on ukuleles while we waited to enter the airport security line. The little bit of Papeete that we saw was reminiscent of our travels in India with chickens loitering and cyclists meandering alongside the road.

Once we were at the resort, the magic began. Julian and I began our day by taking a walk around the property. I was delighted to see so many varieties of tropical flowers blooming by the side of the road including hibiscus, bogenvelia and tiare flowers, which are similar to gardenias. We also saw several tall palm trees bearing large fruit, which were most likely coconuts. While walking around the lagoon bordering the South Pacific Ocean, we saw many colorful tropical fish swimming by the purple coral plants. I recognized a few species from my years of trips to aquariums and was overjoyed to see them in their natural habitat. Even at 9 am, the heat was pounding down us, so we sat in the shade for a little while taking in the view of the panorama.

After a blissful visit to the spa and a rest in the tea room overlooking the view of Mo’orea in the background, it was time for us to eat lunch. One side of the cafe opened on to the pool deck so it gave us the feeling that we were sitting outside. Julian and I both chose the wok option. The chef concocted a delectable entree composed of the ingredients, which we selected ahead of time.

During the afternoon, we spent our time by the swimming pools. One of the pools was built adjacent to the salt-water lagoon where the fish lived. Only people with proactive foot gear and snorkels were permitted to swim in the lagoon due to the potential dangers of encountering poisonous fish disguised as rocks. There was a man-made waterfall at one end of the swimming pool. The other swimming pool had a swim-up Tiki bar in the middle of it.

The sun began setting over the South Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Mo’orea as we finished up our swim and transitioned to dinner, which we ate at the cafe. We chose traditional dishes of raw fish cooked in coconut milk and served in a coconut shell as well as a local swordfish with a Thaitian vanilla sauce. Kiwi sorbet and Tiare flower ice cream adjourned our meal. An excellent jazz band featuring a flute performed while we dined.

Moonlight on the lagoon graced our last final hours of being in Tahiti. As Tahiti is known for its black pearls and my name, Margaret, means Pearl, I was proud to purchase a pair of pearl earrings before we made our departure from this beautiful island and French Polynesia. It was a serene, blessed, beautiful day and I hope to come back soon!

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